Monday, September 3, 2012

XiLINIX | Product Application Engineer -- Intern

Job Role: Product Application Engineer
Qualification: BE/BTECH/ME/MTECH in electronics
Skills: Computer architechture, embeded systems, communication protocols etc
Job Type: Internship

Detailed Description

·         Provide technical design support directly to customers.
·         Provide deep technical applications engineering device support for our  CPLD, FPGA Product families directly to customers. Understand the Device Architecture, Memory Interface and help customers debug Hardware Configuration Check.
·         Do EDK, ISE design tool and IP support and provide a complete Logic Design Environment for FPGA’s and CPLD’s.
·         Resolve customer technical problems utilizing digital design and analysis skills.
·         Evaluate new software products and provide defect and enhancement information through product testing.
·         Document product change requests, workarounds and problem solutions.
·         Utilize customer-case management and bug-tracking database to maintain/retrieve customer case status, call activity, change request and solutions.
·         Review and quality check technical and product documentation.
·         Visit key customers to support specific design problems or competitive situations.
·         Work closely with factory to solve field issues
·         Design and develop application notes and application tutorials.
·         Generate and deliver training and technical information to customers and company field application engineers.

Job Requirements

·         Bachelor or Master Degree in Electronic Engineering or equivalent.
·         Strong interpersonal, telephone, written and group communication skills and be fluent in English.
·         Proficient in VHDL or Verilog and understanding of FPGA development.
·         Good knowledge in one of the following areas: FPGA hardware, Architecture, Embedded Processing, MGT/High Speed Digital Communication protocols, SystemIO and Memory Interfaces is a plus.
·         Good analytical & problem solving skills are required along with self-motivation, and demonstrated successful team work.
·         Candidate with a service-oriented approach, a desire to solve problems, and a concern to support customers in a dynamic and commercial engineering environment would be an ideal candidate.

Additional Details

Applicants are treated throughout the employment process without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status or sexual orientation. The information requested here is not gathered for employment decisions. It is used only for compliance with Federal laws. Your responses are strictly voluntary, and any information provided will remain confidential. If you choose not to "self-identify", you will not be subject to any adverse treatment.

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