Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gameloft shutdown its India Center and fired 250 employees

Gameloft Hyderabad shutdown its Hyderabad Center and fired 250 employees . It comes as a quite surprising act since Gameloft remained as a reputed mobile company and showed good increase in revenue every year.  The exact reasons for the act are not exatly not known. The reason might be  tough compitition from other gaming companies like EA. Gameloft produced 100′s of games for Nokia Symbion phones but with the introduction of IOS and Android,  sales of Gameloft seems to have went down Around 250 employees were asked to resign, computers were shut down. However, these employees will be paid 2 months of salary apart from January’s and we wish they could get better jobs in this 2 months span of time. These are some of the companies where you can give a try- Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Nvidia

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