Thursday, November 24, 2011

Working at Facebook !

Getting Hired at Facebook is a very genuine process. You don't need to be an engineer from a good college (actually you dont need to be an engineer at all !) and the package competes with the best in the world!
Last year a B.Tech student from Bombay got a package of whooping 72 lakhs!!!! in facebook.
Also there are various perks and bragging rights.

All you have to do is solve some programming questions.

If you have a good resume (good experience + good projects) you can directly head on to view Facebook Careers Page and apply. But if not, you will need to solve some programming questions to show them what you are capable of!

The online test, which can be tackled in a choice of C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C# or PHP, is freely available and it's an easy concept. According to the Facebook Programming Challenge page:
Take the timed challenge. If your code passes the test, you will be contacted for a telephone interview.

However this is not an easy challenge. Requires deep understanding of algorithms.

There's no room for cheating by teaming up with other bright minds. If code is too similar to another submission both will be disqualified. And it's a one-shot chance. If you fail the test you can't retry it.
The test, which is now hosted by Interview Street which also has developer hiring tests for other companies, takes 1 to 2 hours and you are warned to make sure you have enough time to complete it as once you log in with your Facebook account to take the test you can't back out. There is however a sample test available to try out the environment without spoiling your chances.

Earlier it was not a timed challenges and old puzzles are available at . They can serve as good practice questions.

If you would like to discuss the puzzles you can email us at

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Ramandeep said...

but where we have to apply

eGraduate said...

The link is given above in the second para, for all the jobs at Facebook.

Shalu Sharma said...

Very interesting story. 

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