Monday, October 31, 2011

Stripe is hiring engineers and designers

What we look for

Stripe is currently hiring engineers and designers. Here's a sample of what we look for:
  • You want to build great systems.
  • You've worked on extremely well-designed products.
  • You enjoy figuring out what problem to work on, quickly learning whatever you need to solve it, and then working hard to get it done.
  • You enjoy working with a team, and you're also happy working on your own.
  • You have a mental list of problems you wish had better answers, and you'd like to help create the solutions.
For engineers:
  • You love to code for fun.
  • You enjoy keeping up with CS research. Maybe you've contributed to the field yourself.
  • You have a history of open-source contributions or a desire to write open-source code.
For designers:
  • You enjoy designing user interaction as much as you do visual appearance.
  • You can implement your designs in code.

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